M&C Group of Companies continues to move towards a more sustainable future

M&C Group of Companies retail stores continue to make strides to offer eco-friendly alternatives to help reduce plastic waste, which ends up in Saint Lucia landfills and waterways.

The journey to reduce plastic waste began earlier this year when M&C Drugstore retail locations offered branded reusable bags to their customers as a viable alternative to the traditional plastic shopping bag. To further the initiative, M&C Group of Companies will phase out single-use plastic bags at all M&C Home Depot and Sunbilt locations effective June 30th, 2022. 

As part of the launch, M&C Home Depot and Sunbilt retail stores will introduce a new assortment of affordable and sturdy reusable bags that will be available to customers for purchase. The aim of this campaign is to help reduce plastic waste and increase customer convenience by placing reusable bags in easy-to-find and highly frequented sections of its stores.

The M&C Group of Companies’ retail reusable bag initiative is a series of plastic waste reduction goals that seeks innovative ways to become a more sustainable and resource-efficient organization.

Vernessa Chance, Group Marketing Manager commented:

“We continue to remain committed to developing a business culture that offers alternative solutions to reduce plastic waste locally. Incremental improvements are crucial if we desire to preserve the environment for our future generations.”  

For a limited time, customers will receive a FREE reusable bag with any purchase of $100 or more at any M&C Home Depot and Sunbilt locations.